BOOTYNIGHT with DJ Godfather I Club Vaag

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The 5th of December is a date to mark in your agendas... Club Vaag is organizing a BOOTYNIGHT! After editions in Leuven (Silo) and Gent (Vooruit) a first edition is finally going down in Antwerp! No less than 'the Godfather' of Booty music is coming straight from DETROIT to A'pen to bring you the finest ghetto-tech beats in the world! Also starring behind the decks are the BOOTYNIGHT residents: CHAO XIN, DJ KRONIC and ZYMOTIC. 

There's no party like a booty party so Dress to Sweat! 

<<< LINE-UP >>>DJ Godfather [Database records - DETROIT]

DJ Godfather is considered one of the founding fathers of the genre we now know as Ghetto Tech. He started DJing at the age of 15 with the help of, now business partner, DJ Dick. Within a few months of getting his turntables, Godfather was already playing in nightclubs and after hour parties all over Detroit. He started producing at the age of 17 for his first Miami Bass style group Bass Association. With the buzz of a few singles off the Bass Association album on 3 Detroit radio stations, Godfather made his first solo record at the age of 18 on the now Twilight 76 Records entitled “Work Dat”. Taking his turntablism skills and mixing Detroit Techno music with Miami Bass music, and new sound was born, Ghetto Tech. With the formation of their new record label Twilight 76 with partners DJ Dick and Brian Gillespie, he took his talent and turned it into an entire business creating 3 other labels known as Databass Records, D.E.T. Only (An exclusive label with only 1000 copies of each release), and Juke Trax (A label dedicated to the Chicago style of Ghetto House and Juke music).

Chao Xin [Resident - Spanking Records, BE]

Kronic [Resident - Spanking Records, BE] 

Zymotic [Resident - Spanking Records, BE]



Club Vaag, Rijnkaai 4 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
Presale 12 EUR // Doorsale 15 EUR