Boké with Faisal

dancers and audiophiles
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Dear dancers and audiophiles, for our last Boké edition this year we've decided to give you something special. On the menu: straight edge hiphop beats, funky/afro/tropical house and good old disco and soul, as a cherry on top. For those of you who are wondering why the hell this is our last edition of the year, in November we're co-hosting with Trix a thing called Str8 FWD, check it out!


As for this year we want to thank all of you partypeople for showing us your support and love by dancing your asses off on the various genres of electronic music we had to offer. Musical education, earth touching and variety are the way to go! We'll see you again next year in January, better than ever.

And oh yes, small detail: KAVKA HAS A NEW SOUNDSYSTEM!


FAISAL (Studio Brussel)

DJ DROPPA (Stax Of Wax | Radio Centraal)


KÄRA (Abondance)

CHUNG & THE GANG (Residents)

Oudaan 14 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
€5 ATD