Billie's Craft Beer Fest 2019

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After winning the second consecutive award for Best Beer Festival in Belgium, Billie's Craft Beer Fest is back for the third time. Brining 50 of the most respected and innovative brewers from all over the world to Antwerp.

Expect the best beer the craft beer scene has to offer, combined with great food, fun and games, music, tattoo artists, a barber shop, and an overall no-crap-just-craft vibe.

Participating breweries: AFBrew (RUS) ▲ Alefarm Brewing (DNK) ▲ Amundsen Bryggeri (NOR) ▲ Bieren Cabardouche (BEL) ▲ Brasserie Trois Dames (CHE) ▲ Brouwerij Alvinne (BEL) ▲ Brouwerij Boon (BEL) ▲ BRUS (DNK) ▲ To Øi (DNK) ▲ Burning Beard Brewing (USA) ▲ C' del Brado (ITA) ▲ Cervisiam (NOR) ▲ Cervejaria Dávida (BRA) ▲ Cloudwater Brew Co (GBR) ▲ CoolHead Brew (FIN) ▲ De Struise Brouwers (BEL) ▲ Dok Brewing Company (BEL) ▲ Edge Brewing (ESP) ▲ Fierce Brewing Co (SCO) ▲ FrauGruber Craft Brewing (GER) ▲ Galea Craft Beers (BEL) ▲ Garage Beer Co (ESP) ▲ Gistgeest (BEL) ▲ Gueuzerie Tilquin (BEL) ▲ Harbour Brewing Company (GBR) ▲ Harviestoun Brewery (GBR) ▲ Inglorious Brew Stars (BEL) ▲ Left Handed Giant Brewing Co. (GBR) ▲ LERVIG (NOR) ▲ Lindheim Ølkompani (NOR) ▲ Magic Rock Brewing (GBR) ▲ Maltgarden (POL) ▲ Methode Goat (BEL) ▲ Modern Times Beer (USA) ▲ Moska Brewing Company (USA) ▲ Oud Beersel Brewery (BEL) ▲ Põhjala Brewery (EST) ▲ Sahtipaja (SWE) ▲ Schramm's Meadery (USA) ▲ Seven Island Brewery (GRE) ▲ Sori Brewing (EST) ▲ Stigbergets Bryggeri (SWE) ▲ The Bruery (USA) ▲ Tommie Sjef Wild Ales (NLD) ▲ Uiltje Brewing Company (NLD) ▲ Van Moll (NLD) ▲ Verdant Brewing Co (GBR) ▲ Vleesmeester Brewery (BEL) ▲ Wander Beyond Brewing (GBR) ▲ Whiplash Beer (IRL) ▲ Wizard Brewing (SWE) ▲ YellowBelly Beer (IRL)

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Waagnatie :: Rijnkaai 150 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
€58 - €120