Belgium's Finest Hiphop Tour

ZWARTWERK, NoMoBS, Froze & Rewind Productions
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L&S Agency has been involved in hiphop for more than 25 years and will bring the five most promising belgian hiphop acts together in the 'Belgium's Finest HipHop Tour', in which Froze, Gangthelabel, NoMoBS, Rewing Products and ZwartWerk will each play a full set. 

Hiphop is very much alive in Flanders and has found its place among other subcultures. The radio and the written press are covering hiphop more and more and various local radio broadcats have a weekly hiphop programme in which they focus on local talent. Belgian hiphop is omnipresent on the Internet. Many hiphop artists have a very active social media profile that leads to a lot of interactivity among fans. 


Muziekcentrum Trix Noorderlingen 28-30 :: 2140 Antwerp
Ticket Price
Pre-sale: € 16,50 - Cash register: € 18,00