Baroque Festival

Efterklang & B.O.X, Dez Mona, Petur Ben
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To celebrate the start of ANTWERP BAROQUE 2018, the city of Antwerp presents you a free concert. In the heart of Antwerp's historic city center.


Pétur Ben :: Efterklang x B.O.X x Tutti Fratelli choir :: Deze Mona x B.O.X

What. A. Line. Up. Antwerp-based B.O.X (Baroque Orchestration X) uses Baroque vibes 'n sounds to create a completely new style. The Danish Efterklang already performed at Sydney's Opera House and in rock temples all over. Expect some innovating electro-acoustic music. And then there's Dez Mona. Also straight outta Antwerp, this band touched many souls with their combination of jazz, gospel, tango and chanson. Or in the words of The New York TImes: "unfailingly gorgeous music that feels exotic and familiar at once". And last but not least, Tutti Fratelli drops by. This social-artistic workplace (where else than in Antwerp?) works with most vulnerable people in our society. Their theater productions rock in large venues.

You're in for a first-class Sunday evening.

Hendrik Conscienceplein :: 2000 Antwerp
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Free entrance