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LaunchRoom Start-up-shop
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LaunchRoom is a magical breeding pond for promising start-ups. See it as an ideal platform, including a showcase, where young and especially inspired and passionate creative start-ups can have their say. From furniture makers to interior design specialists, young artists or jewelery and fashion designers. They all come together in LaunchRoom.

LAUNCH ROOM lowered the gigantic threshold for young entrepreneurs towards their own shop. LAUNCH ROOM simultaneously creates a unique concept store with an endlessly varied selection.

At the moment you will find an exposition from the Spanish illustrator and graphic designer Ana Jarèn. The exposition has already started and will last for approximately 3 months.

"Ana Jarèn welcomes you to a universe populated exclusively by appealing boys and girls. A world in which even nerds are stylish, and where a warm southern breeze constantly caresses your body."

Come and check out the illustrations and everything else LaunchRoom has to offer!


Lambermontstraat 27 :: Antwerp
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Free Entrance