Ampere presents Lumberjacks In Hell: Moodymann, Rahaan, Marcel Vogel

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Lumberjacks in Hell has become a close knit family during the last 5 years and has a lot to celebrate. More than 15 releases, "The Chicago Service"compilation now sold over 3000 times and Lumberjacks in Hell releases being played all over the board by the likes of Theo Parrish, Moodymann, Ricardo Villalobos and many others. Lumberjacks in Hell celebrates their 5th anniversary with the "From Hell with Love" tour's Belgium chapter in Ampere. 


>>> MOODYMANN (KDJ, Mahogani Music), DETROIT

An outspoken voice in the normally non-confrontational world of electronic dance music, Moodymann (Kenny Dixon Jr.) is committed to keeping a distinctly black imprint on techno and house. Moodymann sound is a hybrid form of techno/house dance music arrived at via innovative use of reworked riffs, samples and grooves. While he may frustrate people with his refusal to be interviewed and insistence on reminding people of the genre's origins, the soulfulness of his output is unquestioned. Utilizing classic soul and jazz samples, low-slung bass lines and an approach to drum programming that is diametrically opposed to the tendency to push the tempo faster and faster, he has achieved classic status thanks to gems like "Sunday Morning", "Shades of Jae", and his remix of Innerzone Orchestra's "People Make the World Go Round".


>>> RAHAAN (Street Edits, Lumberjacks In Hell), CHICAGO

Rahaan has been dropping disco and funky house beats to retro music heads since the 80’s when he and his friends use to dance at the best house parties in Chicago – Rahaan’s home state and most importantly, the place which gave birth to House music. The thing about Rahaan is that he defiantly knows his art, and it is his outstanding skill behind the decks that has brought him from the Chicago underground circuit out onto the international playing field of Japan, Australia, Amsterdam, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, England, throughout America. 


>>> MARCEL VOGEL (Lumberjacks In Hell), DE

German born and raised Marcel Vogel is one of the most passionate DJ’s you will encounter, with 20 years of experience behind the turntables. Marcel started DJing Chicago and Disco House, but being heavily influenced by eclectic DJ's like Theo Parrish, Alex Barck (Jazzanova) and Rahaan, that gave him the organic and relaxed style of DJ-ing, for which he is known today. Marcel is currently an Amsterdam resident, from where he operates his labels Lumberjacks in Hell and Intimate Friends.




AMPERE, Simonsstraat 21 :: 2018 Antwerp
Ticket Price
15 EUR