Ampere presents FACES

with Antigone, Kobosil, Francois X & Flatfish
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  •  Ampere presents FACES

For the first edition of techno concept FACES, Ampere brought in the residents of Paris's most prolific techno club Concrete and the resident of Berlin's infamous Berghain, Ostgut and Panoramabar. 


Artists on the night:

Antigone (FR, Concrete)

Kobosil (DR, Ostgut Ton) 

Francois X (FR, Concrete)


Support by:

Flatfish (BE, Faces)


Some more info on the artists: 


Antigone is a young artist whose work is at the "avant-garde" of the French techno scene. Educated to digging since his childhood in the Synchrophone's records racks, he is open to a wide spectrum even if he is resolutely Techno. 


Kobosil‘s first vinyl release, his remix for Barker & Baumecker‘s "Silo", released on Ostgut Ton at the beginning of 2013, impressed with it‘s punishing drive, subtle, hypnotic synth sounds, escalating hi-hats and crystal clear production and spawned all kinds of speculation who might be behind the previously unknown Kobosil name. Then his debut 12“ emerged just a few months after the "Silo" remix. With influences ranging from stark, raw machine techno, dark, purist, pumping acid, noise and distortion, the 4 bold tracks on this EP made a whole range of djs pick and play different titles from the 12“ and stand out productions "Emil" and "Think & Think" made their mark on techno dance floors way beyond Berlin. Another 4-track 12" on Ostgut Ton's sister label Unterton soon followed and the track "Osmium" from this EP was licensed for the FABRICLIVE 73 CD mixed by Panagea.

Francois X: 

Francois X has steadily established himself as a key character in the burgeoning techno movement in Paris. DJ and producer, his unique musical style, whether alone or as Hiss : 1292 (his collaborative project with Opuswerk) puts the listener into a hypnotic trance by its cinematic and vivid atmosphere.


Ampere - Simonsstraat 21 - 2018 - Antwerp.