invites volcov (neroli / verona)
TagsDisco, Summer vibe, house
  • #ThisisAntwerp

Abondance kicks-off the year with a musical highlight! The Italian Maestro Enrico Crivellaro - aka Volcov - has been op top of ABONDANCE´s list and now they got him!

VOLCOV is an excellent selector, connoisseur, extremely talented DJ, producer and a highly regarded member of the Sounds Familiar family. Since the 80´s he has been working together with big DJ´s such as Theo Parrish and Sadar Bahar. 

Be prepared for a night full of warm summer vibes and a musical journey through the world of great tunes. See you in Piaf!

D'Herbouvillekaai 25 :: 2020 Antwerp
Ticket Price
€8 ATD